Happy 1st Adoptaversary to Charlie!

  (Photos by Irene Abdou Photography) Greg and I were active with many animal protection causes during our life together – and in the two years since his death, I have channeled my grief into redoubling my work for animals.  The single biggest step I took, in spring 2016, was establishing this Fund in Greg’s memory.  My second biggest step, on September… Read More


PETA’s Community Animal Project in Texas

PETA’s Community Animal Project (CAP), the single largest recipient of grants from the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund, is on the ground in Texas this week to save animals and their guardians from life-threatening floods.   CAP’s team of trained emergency rescuers, equipped with a boat, has been locating stranded animals and people, and transporting them to safe shelters.  Stories and photos here. This isn’t the… Read More


Remembering Itchy on his 4th Adoptaversary

Today is the fourth anniversary of the day Greg and I adopted sweet senior dog Itchy on August 16, 2013.   I initially hesitated to write about this “adoptaversary”. After all, I already posted a tribute to Itchy when he passed away June 1 of this year. Would it be too sad to dedicate yet another post to a dog… Read More

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