Miracle at Animal Place – Spared from the Atlas Fires

I spent October 1-5 at Animal Place in northern California, as part of a gathering of Food for Thought program team members from across North America.  Our group’s five-day agenda included strategy meetings as well as volunteering with the 300 pigs, cows, rabbits, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys and other animals now resident at the primary Animal Place sanctuary in Grass Valley.  We also spent… Read More


Rescues #1-7 – Our California Animals

Following is a compilation of posts from the Greg Fund Facebook page, October 11-16, 2017.   #1 – Sticky (1985-2004). So named because she was clingy with people she liked, Sticky became Greg’s and my first companion animal, a few weeks after our October 1992 wedding. Sticky had been living with other members of Greg’s family who were not able… Read More


17 Rescued Animals in 23 Years of Marriage

Approaching the second anniversary of Greg’s death next Monday, October 16, and our 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, October 24, I’ve been contemplating how best to remember him this year.   And I come back to the animals we adopted over the 23 years of our marriage.   Greg and I rescued 17 animals altogether – eleven cats, four dogs, and two… Read More


Greg Fund – Q3 2017 Highlights & Anniversary Request

I established the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund in early 2016, to continue promoting animal rescue, veganism, and wildlife conservation – three causes that were a particular passion for Greg and me. This October 16 will be the second anniversary of Greg’s death, followed by our 25th wedding anniversary on October 24.  As these anniversaries approach, I would be very… Read More


Happy 1st Adoptaversary to Charlie!

  (Photos by Irene Abdou Photography) Greg and I were active with many animal protection causes during our life together – and in the two years since his death, I have channeled my grief into redoubling my work for animals.  The single biggest step I took, in spring 2016, was establishing this Fund in Greg’s memory.  My second biggest step, on September… Read More


PETA’s Community Animal Project in Texas

PETA’s Community Animal Project (CAP), the single largest recipient of grants from the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund, is on the ground in Texas this week to save animals and their guardians from life-threatening floods.   CAP’s team of trained emergency rescuers, equipped with a boat, has been locating stranded animals and people, and transporting them to safe shelters.  Stories and photos here. This isn’t the… Read More


Remembering Itchy on his 4th Adoptaversary

Today is the fourth anniversary of the day Greg and I adopted sweet senior dog Itchy on August 16, 2013.   I initially hesitated to write about this “adoptaversary”. After all, I already posted a tribute to Itchy when he passed away June 1 of this year. Would it be too sad to dedicate yet another post to a dog… Read More

pretty food

Environmental and Wildlife Groups Go Vegan!

One of the two largest initiatives of the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund is a partnership with Food for Thought – a North America-wide program of Animal Place, the California organization that inspired Greg and me to become vegetarian in the year 2000, and then vegan some years later. Food for Thought provides resources to help organizations adopt vegan or… Read More


Greg Fund Q2 2017 Highlights

  I am proud to share Q2 2017 highlights for the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund, which I established in April 2016 to continue supporting the causes I once shared with Greg.   People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) On June 22 in Norfolk, VA, I had the honor of co-presenting, with Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s second annual Gregory… Read More


Going Vegan for Wildlife – Food for Thought

A growing body of evidence tells us that animal agriculture is a primary threat to world wildlife survival.  Vast tracts of forests are cleared for beef cattle grazing and to grow feed crops like soy and corn – making beef  the biggest deforestation driver in the world.  Almost 4 million hectares of South American rainforests disappear each year.  In the United States,… Read More

  • The Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund is dedicated to Greg’s passion for animal rescue, veganism, and wildlife conservation.

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