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Environmental and Wildlife Groups Go Vegan!

One of the two largest initiatives of the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund is a partnership with Food for Thought – a North America-wide program of Animal Place, the California organization that inspired Greg and me to become vegetarian in the year 2000, and then vegan some years later. Food for Thought provides resources to help organizations adopt vegan or… Read More


Greg Fund Q2 2017 Highlights

  I am proud to share Q2 2017 highlights for the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund, which I established in April 2016 to continue supporting the causes I once shared with Greg.   People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) On June 22 in Norfolk, VA, I had the honor of co-presenting, with Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s second annual Gregory… Read More


Going Vegan for Wildlife – Food for Thought

A growing body of evidence tells us that animal agriculture is a primary threat to world wildlife survival.  Vast tracts of forests are cleared for beef cattle grazing and to grow feed crops like soy and corn – making beef  the biggest deforestation driver in the world.  Almost 4 million hectares of South American rainforests disappear each year.  In the United States,… Read More


Food for Thought and the Paris Climate Agreement

With President Trump’s move this week to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement, it’s more important than ever that we as private citizens do what we can to mitigate climate change.   A growing body of evidence tells us that the best way we can do this is to eliminate animal products from our diets.  While… Read More


Donate to the Fund – and animals – for Greg’s birthday

Some say you have to be alive on this earth to have a birthday. I respectfully disagree. We celebrate the birthdays of certain famous people centuries after they are gone. Why not also celebrate the birthdays of people who are not particularly famous, but who have nevertheless left an indelible mark on our lives?   Tuesday, June 6, 2017 will… Read More

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Earth Day 2017 – Greg Fund First Anniversary

This Earth Day will be the first anniversary of the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund I established April 22, 2016 in honor of my late husband.   The Fund is my proudest endeavor since Greg’s death – allowing me to continue and even enhance my support for causes to which Greg and I had a shared commitment. In recognition of… Read More


Greg Fund – Lots of News for Q1 2017!

I established the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund in honor of my late husband on April 22, 2016 (Earth Day), to continue contributing to the organizations and causes we supported together while he was alive. In the first quarter of 2017, I had the privilege of making my most significant grants from the Fund to date – and also the… Read More


Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund – 2016 Annual Report

My husband Greg’s 2015 death taught me many things – including that none of us is guaranteed another year, month, week, day, or even minute of life. This awareness has led me to rebalance my own life priorities, with a greater focus on what I can do NOW to make a difference in the world.   I established the Gregory… Read More


Food for Thought – Year in Review

One of the two biggest initiatives of the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund this year was working with Food for Thought – A Program of Animal Place to develop a new program arm focused on helping wildlife and environmental organizations to adopt animal-friendly event menu policies. The Food for Thought program Year in Review was just released, outlining everything Animal Place and the Greg Fund have been… Read More


Protecting Wildlife and “Green Infrastructure”

Loudoun County, Virginia has long been a favorite weekend getaway destination for residents of Washington D.C. and nearby Northern Virginia suburbs – and for those from farther afield. The County’s natural landscapes and native wildlife are a key reason why.   This week, I made a grant from the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund to help Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy  protect… Read More

  • The Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund is dedicated to Greg’s passion for animal rescue, veganism, and wildlife conservation.

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