2018 Report

The Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund supports organizations and causes that Greg backed with money, time, and energy during his life. I am honored to share this summary of what the Fund achieved in 2018 – in memory of Greg, and for so many animals.  

In calendar year 2018, the Fund issued a total of $100,000 in grants to the following non-profit organizations, and also partnered with many on program strategy and implementation.

Below are more details about the Greg Fund’s 2018 grants to these organizations, followed by a list of all the individuals who generously donated to the Fund and authorized me to acknowledge them by name.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — Animal rights organization — Norfolk, VA and worldwide

  • Rescuing Christopher dog: We rescued Christopher from years as a backyard dog through the teamwork of PETA’s Community Animal Project, primary recipient of Greg Fund grants; and the Virginia Beach SPCA, recipient of PETA’s 2017 Gregory J. Reiter Animal Rescue Award. Christopher came home to live with me in May. 
  • Presenting PETA’s 3rd Annual Greg Award to HOWS: In June, the 2018 3rd annual Gregory J. Reiter Animal Rescue Award went to Stacey Vaughn Norris and The HOWS (Houses of Wood & Straw) Project – which has worked in many ways to improve life for backyard dogs in Central Virginia, most notably by building and delivering over 1,000 dog houses.
  • Supporting Hurricane Florence emergency rescue: This September, the PETA Emergency Rescue Team, of which the Greg Fund is among major supporters, worked with local agencies in hard-hit North Carolina locations to take dogs, cats, chickens and other animals to safety.

Animal Place — Sanctuary and education center for farmed animals — Grass Valley, CA

  • Presenting grants for wildlife & environmental groups’ vegan events: Animal Place’s Food for Thought program began presenting Event Grants to organizations piloting all-vegan events. The Greg Fund first helped expand Food for Thought to wildlife and environmental organizations in spring 2016, and I have volunteered with the team ever since. The first Event Grant recipients have included an international young climate journalists workshop, and a New York wildlife appreciation program.
  • Supporting Camp Fire emergency relief: When Animal Place began relief work for victims of this November’s Butte County Camp Fire–the deadliest and most destructive in California history–the Greg Fund made an extra contribution. Animal Place has delivered supplies to evacuation centers for both large animals and companion animals, and provided temporary shelter for some people and animals left homeless by the disaster.

White Coat Waste Project (WCW) — Watchdog group working to stop taxpayer-funded animal experiments – Washington, D.C.

  • Giving Gregory the squirrel monkey a new life: The Greg Fund supported WCW Freedom of Information Act work to uncover a U.S. Food and Drug Administration nicotine addiction experiment on Gregory and 29 other monkeys, four of whom died. In January, thanks to Dr. Jane Goodall and a bipartisan U.S. Congressional coalition, the experiments were halted. In November, Gregory and his 25 surviving companions went to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) — Health organization saving lives through plant-based diets and ethical research — Washington, D.C.

  • Winning the California Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act: The Greg Fund was one member of a broad coalition that backed PCRM in co-sponsoring this bill, signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown in September, prohibiting the sale in California of animal-tested cosmetics.

Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary — Refuge for farm animals and wildlife – Poolesville, MD

  • Rescuing lab hens: This April, the Greg Fund covered costs for dozens of “broiler” hens to be moved from a fertility research lab to sanctuary, instead of being euthanized when the experiments ended. The hens went to Poplar Spring, where I have volunteered weekly since 2016, and other eastern U.S. farm sanctuaries.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary — Sanctuary for farmed animals and advocate for veganism and animal rights — High Falls, NY

Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) —  Law organization protecting the rights and advancing the interests of animals — Cotati, CA and U.S. nationwide


While the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund has been financed since 2016 primarily through the assets Greg left behind, it has also expanded its reach through generous donations from friends. In 2018, the following individuals contributed to the Fund and authorized me to acknowledge them by name.

  • Adam and Krisztina Kobor
  • Alicia Robb
  • Alka Chandna
  • Andrea Tavernini
  • Ann Garvey
  • Anthony Bellotti
  • Betsy Wason
  • Brittany Peet
  • Caryn Laurion
  • Christine Kestner
  • Chuck Gordon
  • Dana Meeker
  • Delci Winders
  • Diana Papazian
  • Diana Tyrrasch Ok
  • Eric O’Grey in honor of Rich Peppin
  • Erica Meier
  • Grace Holden
  • Greta Morris
  • Ha Minh Nguyen
  • Helena Antonowitsch
  • Ilona Lantos
  • Jacob Eliosoff
  • James Bejjani
  • Jane and Glenn Fisher
  • Jeana Curro
  • Jerri Sue Gienger
  • Jim North
  • John Elliott
  • Joshua Levine
  • Kate St. John
  • Kathy Guillermo
  • Katie McHenry
  • Keith Kemplin and Julie Mahoney
  • Kevin and Nicole Sid
  • Kirsten Krivoshia
  • Kory McKeel
  • Krista Jacobsen
  • Kristy Wolfe
  • Lily Han
  • Lisa S Myers
  • Lisa Woods
  • Madison Sparks
  • Malita Kim-Schultz
  • Maria Skuratovskaya
  • Michael Nardacci
  • Mongia Tanfous
  • Nancy Cule
  • Nancy Ertel
  • Noelle Callahan
  • Paul and Joni Jablansky
  • Rachel McCrystal
  • Richard Peppin
  • Rob Haworth
  • Robert Benedict
  • Ryan MacMichael
  • Sally Snidow
  • Shannon Gilmore
  • Sonia Swartz
  • Stephanie Jones
  • Steve and Sharon Rowenhorst
  • Steven Kehrli
  • Susan R. Johnson
  • Syd Marcus
  • Yi Ting in honor of Jay Ting

Thank you so very much – and happy new year 2019!

Alysoun Mahoney

Cover photo of Charlie, my rescued racehorse, by Irene Abdou Photography

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