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Earth Day 3-Year Anniversary!

This Earth Day April 22 marks the three-year anniversary of the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund — and the three-year anniversary of the Fund’s partnership with Animal Place’s Food for Thought program, which helps nonprofit organizations adopt vegan menu policies for events. Many years ago, Animal Place inspired Greg and me to become vegetarian, and…

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Happy 10th birthday to Charlie!

Happy 10th birthday to Charlie, foaled April 11, 2009. The youngest member of my three-horse herd, he has nevertheless established himself with Henry (age 21) and Caroline (est. age 12) as the herd leader. Thoroughbreds can live to age 30 or more with proper care — but every year on U.S. tracks, hundreds of horses die at…

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Q1 2019 Report

The Fund made grants to four programs during the first quarter of 2019 – and these programs made history for animals. 1 – The Fund renewed its support for White Coat Waste Project (WCW) for the third consecutive year. This quarter, a WCW coalition ended 37 years of U.S. Department of Agriculture toxoplasmosis studies which killed more…

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