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Animal Rescue Kharkiv Provides Refuge for Cats & People

This June, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals presented the 2023 8th annual Gregory J. Reiter Animal Rescue Award to its Ukraine partner organization Animal Rescue Kharkiv (ARK).

ARK has continued to work against incredible odds to rescue animals from active war zones, with ongoing support from PETA Deutschland and PETA’s Global Compassion Fund — and the Greg Fund has been among international backers of this heroic work.

“Le Petit Prince” — a homey shelter for cats rescued from the front lines — is among ARK’s many innovative recent projects implemented with PETA support. The shelter also offers public open hours for local people — enabling soldiers, children, and other victims of the war to come for a bit of emotional rehabilitation through contact with affectionate animals.

This touching video provides a glimpse of how Animal Rescue Kharkiv’s “Le Petit Prince” is helping to heal cats and people in Ukraine.

More in 5 Minutes, Dozens of Lives Changed: The Latest Rescues in Ukraine (Nov 17, 2023) and in the PETA Global Compassion Fund monthly Ukraine Updates.

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