“Humans and Other Animals” Movie

In this Fund’s 2021 report, I announced that one of that year’s grants was for production of a new documentary film.

I am now excited to share the official website and trailer link for that film — Humans and Other Animals — for which this Fund was among the executive producers.

From the Humans and Other Animals website:

“We are at a turning point in the history of our species: As we discover that other animals are more like us than we thought possible, a growing movement is exposing the secretive global industries that use animals in bizarre and disturbing ways.

Humans and Other Animals takes viewers on an epic journey, from witnessing firsthand how animals think, use language, and feel love… to dangerous investigations of powerful industries, using custom-built equipment and never-before-attempted tactics… to a profound philosophical idea that may forever change how we view other animals—and ourselves.”

Details about the full film release to follow.

Humans and Other Animals was produced and directed by Mark DeVries, whose previous work includes the 2013 documentary Speciesism: The Movie.

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