Since 2016, the Fund has supported PETA’s Campaign to End Racehorse Cruelty

In 2019 to date, the Campaign has successfully advocated for a series of urgent responses after the deaths of dozens of horses at Santa Anita Park -- including a ban on whips and race-day medications at California racetracks, and an investigation by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

In 2018, the Campaign led the New York State Gaming Commission to implement new anti-doping regulations.

In 2017, the Campaign introduced a new technology that allows bettors to donate for racehorse aftercare, to prevent these horses being sent to slaughter in Canada or Mexico.

In 2016, the Greg Fund worked with PETA's Campaign to rescue racehorse Charlie’s Quest when he was at imminent risk of breaking down on the track, and then provided two months of rehabilitative care, before Greg's surviving family adopted him.

In 2014, during the last full year of Greg's life, he and his wife Alysoun adopted two PETA rescue horses--Henry, who had raced as Root Beer Float, and another horse named Caroline.

(Photo of Charlie (l) and Henry, c Irene Abdou Photography)