Remembering Greg on his 54th birthday


As a high school student, I was once assigned to compose an essay about the person I most admired.  When I wrote about a famous figure I had never met, my teacher said he hoped that as I matured, I would find reasons to identify someone I actually knew as my most admired person.  At the time and for many years thereafter, I simply couldn’t imagine anyone in my personal world being so admirable.

But that changed when I met and soon thereafter married Greg.  From that point on, the person I loved most was also the person I admired most.

I was biased, of course.  But there were many others throughout Greg’s life who were similarly captivated by his unique mix of intelligence, drive, compassion, selflessness, sense of fun – and so many other qualities.

Many spoke about this at the celebration of Greg’s life I hosted on December 6, 2015.  Thanks to a brilliant suggestion from Greg’s sister Elaine, each of these speeches was video recorded.  I have previously posted to this blog highlights or transcripts of several tributes delivered on that day – by Jeana Curro, Adam Rivkin, Daphna Nachminovitch – and me.

Now, over the next two weeks approaching Greg’s 54th birthday on June 6, I am taking the opportunity to post transcripts of the many other beautiful tributes to Greg delivered on that day – tributes that fill me once again with immense love and pride for having been lucky enough to marry the person I most admired – and still most admire – even if our time together was less than half of what I had expected.


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