Through July 16 – Fundraiser for Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

Hi – This is Alysoun, and for my birthday this year, I would love more than anything a contribution to the Greg Fund. Any donation you make to this Fund though July 16, 2016 will in turn be granted to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, MD – together with an equal match from me up to a total of $5,000.


Farm animal sanctuaries were a major influence on Greg’s and my shared life choices. Poplar Spring was our favorite such sanctuary in the greater Washington DC area. We visited a number of times, and were also regular contributors.


chickenOur first visit was on Greg’s birthday in June 2010. I’ll never forget a chicken named Alina, who came to greet us at the entrance to her coop, and then saw us off when we left. Alina is shown here in a photo from a 2014 Washington Post article, with our family friend Rasine MacMichael. Rasine has sponsored a number of Poplar Spring sanctuary animals, and for many years has also volunteered at the sanctuary with her parents.


Greg and I returned to Poplar Spring in June 2012, just as we were preparing to buy our own little Middleburg farm, to participate in one of Poplar Spring’s regular weekend volunteer days. I’m afraid we weren’t terribly useful that day, but we did learn a lot about farm animal care that provided a great foundation when we later adopted our own horses.


AlyIrwinOur final visit was in September 2015, for one of Poplar Spring’s regular open house events – when Greg took this photo of me with piglet Irwin.


Again, I will match any contribution to the Greg Fund through July 16, up to a total of $5,000, and in turn grant the proceeds to Poplar Spring for the wonderful work they do both to rescue farm animals and to educate the public.



Thank you!


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