Donating Time and TLC

I’ve posted to this blog many times about money donated to Greg’s and my favorite organizations through this Memorial Fund.  Have I shared that I also donate volunteer time to many of these same organizations?


img_4802This summer, after my special fundraiser that generated almost $4,000 for Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary through the Greg Fund, I also began spending one morning each week volunteering at that Poolesville, Maryland sanctuary.   These mornings — spent on Poplar Spring’s gorgeous 400 acres surrounded by 200 resident cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, and turkeys — have quickly become a highlight of my week.


img_4866Each week I help to feed and clean the animals and their barns. Each week I get to know a few more of the longtime residents by name, and to learn their stories. And often, too, I get to meet at least one newly arrived resident – such as Elliott the calf, who was born in a slaughter sale barn and initially left to die there; or Charlotte, Reo or Winnie the piglets, who were found on roadsides, probably after falling or jumping off of transport trucks.


Next Sunday, September 25,1-5 p.m, will be Poplar Spring’s Eighteenth Annual Open House and Fundraiser. I’m signed up to volunteer for that event, in addition to my normal weekly shift – and I look forward to seeing many friends there!


My other volunteer activities to help organizations I support through the Greg Fund include:



  • Serving on PETA‘s Leadership Council as I have done for several years; adopting three (soon four!) of PETA’s rescued animals; and recently also commencing participation in monthly “work parties” at the Washington DC office.


  • Serving on Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy‘s board – as I have done for several years – in addition to previously serving as conservation advocacy chair.


~ Alysoun

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