Charlie’s case goes to Pennsylvania state authorities

My rescued former racehorse Charlie (right) continues to heal in his new life with me, together with fellow PETA rescue horses Henry and Caroline.


Charlie may not know it, but he has also become a poster boy for all racehorses who are forced to continue running despite serious injuries.


Today, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission regarding Charlie’s case, calling on Pennsylvania authorities to adopt safeguards to prevent injured horses from racing.


My late husband Greg’s decision to adopt horses Henry and Caroline in the spring of 2014, despite neither of us having prior horse experience, epitomized the qualities I always loved and admired in him – the joy he derived from helping the less fortunate, the delight he took in responding to a new challenge of any sort, and the problem-solving skills he brought to all manner of intellectual and physical/mechanical tasks.


In mid-2016, less than a year after Greg’s death, PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk reached out to me about the possibility of adding Charlie to my family – and I immediately knew that this was something Greg would want me to do.


I am so immensely proud that in memory and honor of Greg, I have been able to turn Charlie’s life around through the daily care I now give to him along with Henry and Caroline.


I am also proud to support PETA’s Animals in Entertainment – Cruelty in Horseracing Project through the Greg Fund. The Cruelty in Horseracing Project monitored Charlie while he was still actively racing as Charlie’s Quest, took action to rescue him when it became clear that he was at imminent risk of breaking down on the track, and then provided two months of rehabilitation care prior to my adopting him in September 2016.


PETA’s Cruelty in Horseracing Project also compiled the exhaustive investigative information that culminated in today’s formal complaint to Pennsylvania officials, and caught the attention of Pennsylvania press outlets including the Central Penn Business Journal and


For me, there could be no better gift on this Valentine’s Day 2017.


~ Alysoun

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