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Virtual 5k for Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

Back in June 2010, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary co-founder Dave Hoerauf took time from his demanding work to give my late husband Greg and me a private tour of his Poolesville, Maryland refuge for more than 200 farm animals. Greg and I became supporters that day, and attended as many events and volunteer days as we could. Since 2016 I have increased this support — both through financial contributions from the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund, and as a regular volunteer helping with care of the Sanctuary’s resident sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and other animals.

September 2018 with Irwin, originally bred for meat, who was rejected by his mother as a runt piglet.

Poplar Spring will be holding its 17th Annual 5K Run/Walk for the Animals on Sunday, May 17. All funds raised will go toward care and feeding of the Sanctuary animals, as well as education programs that teach the public about compassion toward all animals.

The Run is still moving forward — but due to COVID-19, this year it is being converted to a virtual run or walk. In other words, rather than assembling in one location, participants will complete a 5K run or walk on our own at a park, in our neighborhood, or in our house or apartment.

I am participating in two inter-related ways:

1) I have planned to do the 5k walk on my own mini-sanctuary in Frederick County, Maryland (see map above), and am asking for donations to support my walk.

2) I have arranged for the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund to match the first $2,500 raised for my walk, so your donation will be **doubled**! An anonymous Poplar Spring donor is also matching the first $14,000 of all funds raised — so your donation to my walk may even be ***tripled***!

Co-founders Terry Cummings and Dave Hoerauf have dedicated their lives to rescuing as many abused and neglected animals as possible, and they have inspired a dedicated team including a small paid staff, dozens of year-round volunteers, and summer student interns. Animals they have recently rescued range from Remi, a Holstein calf who was born blind on a Pennsylvania dairy farm; to Alysoun the hen, rescued from a lab that had used her for fertility experiments. (She was given my name after the Greg Fund helped support her transportation from the lab.) See photos below.

Remi and me, March 2019.
Alysoun and me, July 2019.

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