What Will Your Legacy Be?

“What will your legacy be? How would you like to be remembered years from now?”

These are questions I tackle with host Chuck Carroll on today’s episode of The Exam Room podcast, available in video format on the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Youtube channel, or audio on the PCRM website, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify.

In the interview, I tell the story of life with my husband Greg, and our shared purpose in working to make the world better for animals. I talk about the legacy he left, and how I’m carrying forward on my own — with initiatives from rescuing individual animals, to supporting systemic change that impacts hundreds of thousands. Finally, I discuss why it’s important to start today — either with preparing your first legacy plan, or updating an existing plan.

My interview airs today to mark National Estate Planning Awareness Week October 19-25. In this same period, I also personally mark the fifth anniversary of Greg’s death October 16, 2015 — as well as the 29th anniversary of the night we met, October 24, 1991; and the 28th anniversary of our wedding, October 24, 1992.

PCRM is hosting a free interactive Legacy Planning Basics webinar October 29, 6-7 pm EST, with Director of Legacy Giving Kimberley Intino and attorney Alexandra Overhoff — designed to give you tools to plan your own legacy.

Friends, I hope you’ll give my podcast interview a listen or a view, and register for the legacy planning webinar too!

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