Christopher eyeing vegan lunch

Save more animal & human lives this holiday

Photo: Christopher, my PETA / Virginia Beach SPCA rescue, eyeing my vegan lunch :-).


The Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund supports programs that both rescue individual animals, and create systemic change to save animal and human lives. This holiday season, to the extent you are able, I hope you’ll add your name to the list of 2020 contributors that closes this post.

Here are three Fund highlights for the year to date:

1 – Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Exam Room Live, Youtube and podcast programs launched a major expansion in spring.

The Exam Room™, which this Fund sponsored for the 2nd consecutive year, highlights health news and vegan nutrition research to save and improve human and animal lives.

For the October 22 program What Will Your Legacy Be?, I shared the story of Greg and this Fund to illustrate how we can leave a lasting impact on the world.

2 – PETA’s Campaign to End Cruelty toward Racehorses scored big wins in the campaign to end racehorse doping.

PETA’s investigations of racehorse treatment — including Charlie’s Quest, who we jointly rescued — contributed in March to federal indictments of 27 vets and trainers, and then in September to the U.S. House passing the Horse Racing Integrity Act and Majority Leader McConnell sponsoring a companion Senate bill. In July, a harness-racing bettor received $20,000 in a precedent-setting PETA-backed lawsuit, for loss of winnings when a doped horse won a 2016 New Jersey race.  

In October, PETA bought stock in four racetrack owning companies to press for 11 new rules to help horses — its latest move in over 30 years of shareholder advocacy.

3 – PETA’s Community Animal Project took big strides toward ending animal abuse and neglect.

PETA successfully worked during Virginia’s 2020 legislative session to pass SB 272, which went into effect on July 1, mandating shelter for outdoor animals in temperatures of 32° F or lower, 85° F or higher, or during a severe weather warning. The new Virginia law is now serving as a model for other states.

September saw release of the documentary Breaking the Chain, executive produced by award-winning actress Anjelica Huston. The film, which highlights PETA’s work to end animal suffering in impoverished Virginia and North Carolina communities, has inspired many to adopt instead of buy, spay or neuter their companion animals, and take action to stop animal cruelty.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Greg Fund and its matching campaigns in 2020 to date: 

1) Direct contributions to the Greg Fund: Jeana Curro / Benevity Community Impact Fund, Rob Haworth, Nancy Hughitt, Keith Kemplin, Malita Kim-Schultz, Adam Kobor, Ilona Lantos in memory of Chris Lantos, Caryn Laurion, Josh Levine, Middleburg Animal Hospital, Kelly Molino in memory of Isabella Auer, Greta Morris in memory of Lois Herrmann, Michael Nardacci, and Kim Sturla.

2) Contributions to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine which the Greg Fund matched: Monique Bilezikian, Alka Chandna, David Cherry, Graca DaCruz, Simone G de Lima, Jacob Eliosoff, Nancy Ertel, Heidi Feller, Mary Sue Fields, Julie Germany, Chuck Gordon, Rob Haworth, Nathan Herschler, Nancy K Hughitt, Stephanie Jones, Steven Kehrli, Christine Kestner, Kirsten Krivoshia, Debbie Kula, Ilona Lantos in memory of Chris Lantos, Rachel McCrystal, Katie McHenry, Iman Moussa, Jim North, Julia Novak, Diana Tyrrasch Ok, Emily Perryman, Sarah Shepard, Linda Deviney Sieh, Jenny Teed, Yi Ting, Daisy Warin, and Betsy Leonard Wason.

3) Contributions to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary which the Greg Fund matched: Helena Antonowitsch, Anthony Bellotti, Noelle Callahan, Alka Chandna, David Cherry, Nancy Ertel, Rob Haworth, Stephanie Jones, Christine Kestner, and Malita Kim-Schultz.

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