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June 6 is coming up — so happy 58th birthday, Greg! You were snatched from this earth almost six years ago — but they say energy never goes away when you die, it only changes forms. You had energy in abundance, that’s for sure — and now this fund channels that energy into your favorite causes, helping animals in so many ways.

Back in 2014, PETA asked you and me to adopt two newly rescued horses. You caught me off guard, so quickly saying yes! Those half-starved creatures needed us, you said, and we’d reached a point in life where we had resources to help them. So together, we made it work — for Henry the ex-racehorse, and his girlfriend Caroline too.

Now since you’ve been gone, I’ve adopted Charlie, another ex-racehorse, bringing my herd to three — and this fund has partnered with PETA to end race horse drugging and other abuse.

Thinking back 20 years earlier to 1994 … You had found your career niche — and your professional mentors taught you how to make money and have fun doing it. But with meat-heavy diets and so on, those guys didn’t do any favors for themselves or for animals. By middle age, half of them wound up with heart disease or cancer. Meanwhile, you and I had gone vegetarian and then vegan — and you helped some of those colleagues before it was too late, by talking up healthy vegan living.

Well, since you’ve been gone, this fund’s been helping to spread the plant-based message worldwide — sponsoring the Exam Room program of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, with daily episodes on staying fit and healthy through diet.

Rewinding further to 1991 … The night you and I met at a Cal Alumni Club event in New York City, we bonded instantly over many things, including gratitude for our UC Berkeley graduate educations. Despite limited means, we had both studied with leaders in our fields, at an institution renowned for innovation and boundary-pushing!

Now, this fund is supporting the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition — a nonprofit founded and run by Cal Berkeley alumni — for a forthcoming documentary film about sustainable and humane food.

And there’s more! …

PETA’s been presenting a yearly animal rescue award in your memory, and already the 6th annual is coming up!

This fund has supported all sorts of advocacy for animals used in labs and training, and we’ve seen some real progress. You could never bear to watch lab investigation films — “smashing mice movies,” you called them — and this fund is working for a day when there are no more mice, dogs, monkeys, or other animals being “smashed” in the name of science.

Wherever you are now, just know that you are not forgotten, and that you’re continuing to make a difference for animals — including the human sort — here in this world.

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