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From Ukraine to New York and Virginia

This week, the Greg Fund gave fresh support to PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — for three critical projects:

  1. Ukraine Companion Animal Emergency Relief
  2. New York Campaign to End Horse Racing Subsidies
  3. Virginia Coalition for Beagle Protection

See below for more info, and for quick and easy ways you can help …


1 – Ukraine Companion Animal Emergency Relief

Many Ukrainian refugees are bringing their beloved companion animals with them. PETA Germany has been working with partner organizations in Poland and Romania to save some cats and dogs from the war zone, and also distribute over 20 tons of animal food in the area of Lviv.

Meanwhile, PETA entities worldwide have appealed to European countries to relax entry requirements for animals, because standard regulations are impossible for refugees to follow in a state of war. Now, all EU countries along the Ukrainian border—and others throughout the EU—have agreed to make entry for companion animals easier.

–> To help, please contribute to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund.

More info:

2 – New York Campaign to End Horse Racing Subsidies

Every year, more than $230 million in New York State casino revenue is used to prop up the declining horse racing industry — while over 1,600 horses have died on the state’s eleven tracks since 2009.

PETA is a leading coalition member of the New York Campaign to End Horse Racing Subsidies — working to stop propping up this cruel industry and instead reinvest the funds in public education and human services.

New York State legislators have introduced three bills that would cancel subsidies and tax exemptions for racehorse owners, breeders, trainers, and track operators; and create a gaming revenue fund to be used for education, workforce protection, agricultural grants, horse care and adoption, and economic development in communities where horse racing occurs.

–> To help if you live in New York State, please take a few seconds to speak up for horses and responsible use of public funds.

More info:

3 – Virginia Coalition for Beagle Protection

International laboratory supplier Envigo operates a massive dog breeding facility in Cumberland, Virginia, which the USDA cited in 2021 for 26 Animal Welfare Act violations including the deaths of at least 300 puppies from “unknown causes.”

PETA conducted its own extensive undercover investigation of the Envigo facility — and is now a leading member of the Virginia Coalition for Beagle Protection, working to support legislation to enforce animal welfare standards and state oversight of the facility, and put in place reporting requirements to achieve transparency and accountability. Five of these bills are now under final consideration in the Virginia legislature, and four are due for a Monday vote.

–> To help if you live in Virginia, please take a few seconds to email your delegate.

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