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Q2 2022 – a tribute, grant news & thank-yous

A Tribute to Henry

I begin with a tribute to my horse Henry, who passed away at age 24 on June 14, after suffering from chronic liver disease likely caused by drugging in his five years as a racehorse.

Greg and I adopted Henry in June 2014, after PETA rescued him from starvation. Greg was convinced that although we had little horse experience at the time, no learning curve was too steep when this horse needed us! After Greg’s death, Henry’s story was among my major inspirations to create the Greg Fund and work to end cruelty toward equines.

Grant News

The Greg Fund made fresh grants to two organizations in Q2 2022, doing as much as possible in our shaky economy to support high-impact programs for animals.

1 – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

The Fund is supporting PETA for the seventh consecutive year. 

a – We partnered with PETA to present the 2022 Gregory J. Reiter Animal Rescue Award, given annually since 2016. This year’s award winner was Helga Tacreiter, founder of The Cow Sanctuary in New Jersey, who has spent more than 30 years rescuing 150 cows and other animals.

b – We also contributed to PETA’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Fund — which supports game-changers like a prize for animal-free wool presented in partnership with Stella McCartney, a new diphtheria treatment to end the practice of injecting toxin into horses, and the Research Modernization Deal.

2 – Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

The Fund is supporting Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, in High Falls, New York, for the fourth year. This quarter, we contributed to Woodstock’s Fair Coalition initiative with farmed animal sanctuaries and advocacy organizations across the United States, focused on ending cruel practices at state and county fairs. 


Thank you to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a regular grantee of this fund, for building a healthier world with regular Exam Room podcasts that disseminate plant-based nutrition and medical news to millions of listeners around the globe. Q2 episodes sponsored by the Greg Fund include Eating for 8 Billion: Your Dinner Impacts the Entire World and Eating to Age Well: Nutrient Needs.

Thank you to Jeana Curro, Greg Bell, Ting Yi Bell, Ilona Lantos, Keith Kemplin, and Rob Haworth for generously contributing to the Greg Fund during Q2 2022.

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