PETA Blog Post: Inaugural Gregory J. Reiter Award

Today’s PETA Prime blog post is Foster-Mom Receives Special Honor From PETA:  ” On June 11, PETA held a benefit reception in Washington, D.C., to raise funds for PETA’s strategic eyewitness investigations. The event was special, in part, because PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, who was celebrating her birthday that night, had the pleasure of presenting the inaugural Gregory J. Reiter Award to Katie McCotter, who has been a foster-mother to many animals PETA has rescued from abusive situations in rural Virginia and North Carolina….”  [full PETA Prime blog post here]

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  1. […] During the week when Greg would have celebrated his 53rd birthday, PETA presented its inaugural Gregory J. Reiter Animal Rescue Award. Blog post here. […]

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