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Remembering Greg – by Jerri Sue Gienger

Greg and I met when we worked together, back in the last century, at a small satellite division of Alex Brown & Sons. Fortunately for me, the office seating arrangement had us placed next to each other. Greg’s personality, easy going nature and intelligence were easy to gravitate toward. As frequently mentioned by others, he was more than generous with his mentoring and knowledge sharing. At the time, we both commuted from our homes in San Francisco to our office in Burlingame. He really took pride in his automobiles (and bicycles). We had so much fun driving for lunch runs or vehicle service outings to the dealership in the City. There wasn’t a weekday that we were not laughing, enjoying a current event critique or planning a social gathering with friends or co-workers.

I’ll never forget a few things about Greg, who I nicknamed ‘the Richter Rocker’ – his kind heart, his huge smile and his generosity. Greg was always willing to give you whatever you might need, like an accessory for your work station.  Or conversely, take from your desk what he might have thought he needed. One early morning while at work, when we had first started at Alex Brown, I needed to step out from the office for a few minutes.  I had left a poppy seed muffin and a cup of coffee on my desk. Upon returning, I found there was a HUGE bite taken out of the muffin. Naturally, as the only lady in the office, I was completely horrified! Greg could not contain his laughter and immediately confessed.  He certainly knew how to break the ice! From that moment on, we were fast friends (and I began a collection of toy soldier guards and police cars to protect my desk territory).

Greg and I worked together during the period when the world transitioned to cell phones and the World Wide Web. He taught me Excel and how to create exceptional spreadsheets! He helped me navigate the Internet! Greg urged me to request my current email address when Gmail was new. It all sounds very elementary – however, he more than saved me on many occasions with his on-point skills and business acumen. Believe me when I say, I will be eternally grateful to Greg for his tutelage.

After our stint at Alex Brown, Greg went on to Schwab and I to Bear Stearns. We didn’t talk much through the last years, but we always communicated via Bloomberg on each other’s birthdays. I really miss the Richter Rocker, and I know he is watching out over us all. I’ve got a very cool, rare toy soldier and a small police car he gave me. These two little precious gems keep him close at heart. God speed dear friend, you are our angel!

Love, from Southern Cal, Jerri Sue G.

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