Ninth Street Espresso (1)

Remembering Greg – by Sara Silverman

I met Greg nearly four years ago on his first day in the Charlotte office at Wells Fargo. I was a first year analyst in another group and by chance, our computers were adjacent. Our conversation began as he looked over the screen asking for help with his computer. Being a new analyst (this was my first job out of college), I jumped at the opportunity to help with something I actually knew how to do – fix computers. From that day on we formed a great friendship, and I found a valuable mentor. 
From time to time, Greg and I would grab coffee to catch up, where he took the time to share his experiences and provide helpful career guidance. He was always supportive, and I mean genuinely supportive in a way that you don’t experience very often. That was something very unique about him; Greg graciously gave his time and energy to help people just because. 
When I finally decided I wanted to move to New York, he helped me make sure I was making the right choice for the right reasons. He had no reason to help me – that’s just who he was, a kind and selfless person who always made time for  others despite his busy schedule. 
Just days before he passed away, Greg and I met up for coffee at his favorite place, Ninth Street Espresso – he was a regular and on a first name basis with the staff. We spent time talking about how he was looking forward to starting at his new firm in December, especially the exciting challenges it would bring him. I’m sad to think he never got the chance. 
Greg was unique in the finance world, to be so kind and yet to be ranked in the top of his field. There are not many people who can pull that off, and I’m grateful to have known him.

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