Thank you, donors – Tim Fricker, Bikes@Vienna – and many more!

In this season of Thanksgiving, I would like to express gratitude to all the friends and colleagues who have donated to the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund and have thereby contributed to keeping Greg’s radiant spirit alive.


I established this Fund on April 22, 2016 (Earth Day), with proceeds from selling Greg’s vintage car collection. Since then, a total of 65 individuals or families have contributed to the Fund – in addition to dozens who previously contributed to organizations I designated to receive funds in Greg’s memory.


This week, I have been sharing profiles of some of Greg’s and my favorite Greater Washington small business owners who have contributed to the Fund, along with a shout-out to all donors who have authorized me to identify them by name.  Read on….


~ Alysoun




bikesviennaGreg loved bicycling. He loved collecting, fixing, and building bicycles. He biked to work whenever that was a somewhat realistic option – including, during 2008-10, riding from our Arlington home to his Washington DC World Bank office in the middle of winter. During this period, Greg discovered Tim Fricker and Bikes@Vienna – and quickly became a huge fan. Few weeks went by without Greg stopping into the shop – whether to buy a bicycle, sell a bicycle, purchase parts, or just chat with Tim and his crew. Even when we moved to Middleburg in 2013, Greg continued to be a regular at Bikes@Vienna.


After Greg died, I gave four of his five bikes to special friends – but there was one bike that was too complicated for our friends, and so I asked Tim to sell it on consignment. Tim found a buyer almost immediately – and rather than charging 25% commission per his standard business practice, he sent me a check for the full $1,450 sale price, with the note: “Please apply our ‘share’ to the Greg Fund. He will be missed and always remembered here.” I therefore applied 100% of that bike’s sale price to the Fund – and am so grateful to Tim for this generous gesture.


Other donors to the Fund include:


  • Alejandro Aguilar
  • Scott Barnum
  • Bob Benedict, Northwood Construction Inc.
  • Keith Bickel
  • Julie Borneman, Watermark Woods
  • Hanh Chau, Middleburg Animal Hospital and Family Veterinary Hospital of Stone Ridge
  • Judy Cheske
  • Nancy Cule
  • Jeana Curro
  • Maria Di Paolo-Greer
  • Ann and Tony Garvey
  • Stephanie Gentile
  • Matt Giammarinaro
  • Nicole Hamilton
  • Stephen Hanchey
  • Jason Holstine, Amicus Green Building Center:
  • Joni and Paul Jablansky
  • Marielle Jan de Beur
  • Leslie Jay and Larry Seltzer
  • Susan R. Johnson
  • Jim Jones
  • Stephanie Jones
  • Nanna Jonsson
  • Lisa Kirchenbauer
  • Adam and Krisztina Kobor
  • Caroline Kuhfahl
  • Ilona Lantos
  • Anish S. Lohokare
  • Dan Lynch
  • Desmond E. Macauley
  • Ryan and Huyen MacMichael
  • Brian Maddox
  • Jessica and Bruce McNair
  • Mary Martin
  • Dana Meeker
  • Greta N. Morris
  • Michael and Jennifer Nardacci
  • James E. North
  • Diana Ok
  • Debbie Pedro
  • Sarah Pitman
  • Stephanie Skinner
  • Mildred Fletcher “Bucky” Slater
  • Stephen and Elizabeth Ward
  • Charlie Williams
  • Lisa Woods
  • Gary Zhu


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