PETA’s 2nd Annual Greg Award to the Virginia Beach SPCA

During a June 22 Unstoppable event in Norfolk, Virginia, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk kicked things off by co-presenting with me PETA’s Gregory J. Reiter Award to the Virginia Beach (VB) SPCA.

This award in memory of Greg, inaugurated shortly after his unexpected death in 2015, is given annually to an individual or group for compassion and dedication to animals.

VBSPCA Award 2017-2This year’s award was presented to honor the VB SPCA’s extensive service to the community’s animals.   The organization offers shelter and care to almost 4,000 companion animals each year – last year taking in over 250 dogs and cats from PETA’s cruelty and neglect cases.

Many of the animals PETA transferred there had been chained up and simply forgotten for their entire lives, and they were desperately in need of care. VB SPCA staff and volunteers worked hard to socialize these refugees, and to place them into responsible, loving homes. Many of these animals’ success stories would not have been possible without the VB SPCA’s work.

The dog featured in this year’s award plaque (see photo) is Holly Berry, one of the many animals rescued and adopted through the collaborative work of PETA and the VB SPCA.

More about the 2017 award on the PETA blog here.

More about the 2016 award, given to Katie McCotter for fostering PETA rescue animals of many species, can be found here.







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