PETA’s Community Animal Project in Texas

PETA’s Community Animal Project (CAP), the single largest recipient of grants from the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund, is on the ground in Texas this week to save animals and their guardians from life-threatening floods.   CAP’s team of trained emergency rescuers, equipped with a boat, has been locating stranded animals and people, and transporting them to safe shelters.  Stories and photos here.

This isn’t the first time the PETA CAP rescue team has come to the aid of animals put at risk by a natural disaster. Last year, they rescued animals in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after historic flooding drove thousands from their homes. The PETA CAP team was also on the ground helping animals in the wake of hurricanes Gustav, Irene, and Sandy; and used boats to rescue dozens of animals stranded inside homes and on rooftops when Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans.

Based in Norfolk, Virginia, the PETA CAP team was very dear to Greg and me as a couple.  Our dog Itchy (adopted 2013) and horses Henry and Caroline (adopted 2014) were all rescued by CAP team members.  Greg and I were also proud financial supporters of PETA CAP spay/neuter initiatives, including a fleet of mobile clinics, that serve low-income communities in southern Virginia and northern North Carolina.  It has been a great honor, therefore, to continue supporting this team through the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund.



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