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My holiday wish: Remember Greg, end animal suffering

Dear Friends –

This holiday season, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to remember my late husband, and also help end animal suffering, with a tax-deductible contribution of $10 or more to the Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund.

The Greg Fund supports organizations and programs that were dear to both Greg and me, and is also helping to shape these programs.  Here are some 2017 highlights for the Fund and related activities:

  • Hurricane relief: In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Maria between August and October, PETA’s Community Animal Project, a primary recipient of Greg Fund grants, sent disaster response teams to conduct relief work in Texas and Puerto Rico.
  • Gregory J. Reiter Animal Rescue Award: In June, PETA presented its second annual award to the Virginia Beach SPCA, which offers shelter and care to almost 4,000 companion animals each year and also partners with PETA on disaster relief work.
  • Charlie, aka Mr. January: My rescued racehorse Charlie was selected as “Mr. January” for PETA’s 2018 Rescued! calendar, thereby raising worldwide awareness about cruelty in horseracing.  Henry and Caroline, whom Greg and I adopted during the last year of his life, are also featured.
  • Racehorse aftercare: In November, California’s Del Mar racetrack introduced a new technology conceived by PETA’s Cruelty in Horseracing campaign, a major recipient of Greg Fund grants.  This wagering terminal innovation allows bettors to donate for racehorse aftercare, and prevent them being sent to slaughter in Canada or Mexico.
  • Grants to wildlife and environmental organizations: In partnership with Food for Thought – A Program of Animal Place, the Greg Fund now offers grants to wildlife and environmental groups that newly adopt vegan or vegetarian menu policies. We presented the first grants this year to ten organizations among 39 Food for Thought program endorsers in the wildlife and environmental category.
  • New publication for wildlife and environmental groups: Also in partnership with Food for Thought – a Program of Animal Place, the Greg Fund supported a new publication to help wildlife and environmental organizations adopt veg menu policies.  The publication can now be downloaded, and we will distribute hard copies to over 1,000 organizations in early 2018.
  • Defunding Veterans Affairs dog tests: Greg Fund partner White Coat Waste Project has been campaigning with great success to end cruel and wasteful dog experiments at the US Department of Veterans Affairs, most notably securing legislation in July that defunded such experiments.
  • FDA suspends monkey nicotine experiments: In September, White Coat Waste worked with Dr. Jane Goodall, successfully persuading the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to suspend experiments on the effects of nicotine in monkeys.
  • Miracle animals: Poplar Spring in Maryland, and other farm animal sanctuaries supported by the Greg Fund, have saved hundreds of animals. Remarkable survivors include Billy Bob the goat, rescued after a high speed chase; and Ellie the pig, rescued after falling from a truck on the DC beltway.
  • Wells Fargo ends sled-dog race sponsorship: In May, Wells Fargo, where Greg had last served as a managing director, announced that it would stop sponsoring the Iditarod sled-dog race, after PETA revealed cruel treatment and death of dogs involved in the race.

I want to thank everyone who has already contributed to the Greg Fund – or, earlier, to one of the organizations I designated to receive direct donations in Greg’s memory.   In 2017 to date, following are the generous individuals who have authorized me to acknowledge their contributions by name:

  • Robert Benedict
  • Chris Bledsoe
  • Alka Chandna
  • Jeana Curro
  • Kelley Grady Dunkelberg
  • Jane and Glenn Fisher
  • Bruce Friedrich
  • Ann and Tony Garvey
  • Shannon M. Gilmore
  • Charles Gordon
  • Lisa Hausner
  • Joni and Paul Jablansky
  • Krista Jacobsen
  • Susan R. Johnson
  • Stephanie Jones
  • Lisa Kirchenbauer
  • Adam and Krisztina Kobor
  • Desmond Macauley
  • Syd Marcus
  • James P. McWalters
  • Dana Meeker
  • Greta Nance Morris
  • Daphna Nachminovitch
  • Michael and Jennifer Nardacci
  • Diana Ok
  • Kalpana Ramiah
  • Elizabeth H. Ward
  • Betsy Wason
  • Lisa Woods

… and the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation and Charles Schwab Foundation, which contributed to the Greg Fund through their employee donation matching programs.

Happy holidays to all!

Alysoun Mahoney

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