I’ll never leave you, either

Greg and I met on October 24, 1991–and believing that date to be magical, we chose October 24, 1992 as our wedding day. Between those two dates, we were separated for some months by my work assignment in China. Those being pre-Internet days, we spent thousands of dollars on international phone calls, and sent each other handwritten airmail letters. Those letters from Greg, today, are among my most precious possessions. On the occasion of our 26th wedding anniversary, I share here a few excerpts.



26 December 1991:  We have been engaged for 6 days now! I am so incredibly happy, and feel content — for once in my life. This is sort of unbelievable — how my life has changed for the better since I met you. I love you so much! Please take care. You are always in my heart and dreams. Lovingly, lovingly yours, Greg.


4 January 1992: Our future together provides me with great comfort and joy. My quiet evenings for the next 5 months won’t be so bad, knowing I’ll be seeing you for certain. The certainty and absolute nature of our relationship makes me secure. I love you more than life itself. Yours forever and ever, Greg.


12 January 1992: I really miss you a bunch.The more I contemplate your absence, the more I know that we must live life very intensely – each day can be wonderful when we have each other. I don’t like being separated from you for even one day, for it is a day unrecoverable.  However, the lesson, which I know will last our lifetime, is to never let a single day slip past wasted; that is, I intend to enjoy each one with you when you’re back. So, these 5 months will mean 50 years of bliss – and then who knows about beyond 50 years!


16 January 1992:  You are the love of my life! I was walking around our apartment tonight, and was feeling horribly lonely without you. It was strange, I could almost hear your voice. This business trip has really showed me what is important, indeed most important:  spending as much time as possible with you. I love you very much and am kept afloat knowing you will always be in my life.


17 January 1992: I haven’t seen you in 2 weeks! It is so difficult to be without you. I often cry, but I know it’s silly, you’re probably thinking. It’s just that I feel this dread of lost days in our lifetime – we’ll more than make up for it, I promise!


10 March 1992: We have a wonderful life together, and so much to look forward to. Regardless of city (SF, NYC, LA or DC), we’ll always be together. That’s what matters most – you’ll see.


12 March 1992: I have been very worried about your health. I prayed a lot for you, and had such terrible thoughts. You know, I could not go on without you! You are too important a part of me now; I would absolutely be better off dead than without you.


21 March 1992: I love you so much, that I can barely think of anything else. Today especially, I was really missing your company.  I miss having my best friend around. Do you know what is great? I’ve come to realize that relationships like ours will always survive any trial and tribulations, because relationships like ours are based on two people always thinking about the other. Our very actions regarding making each other the first priority always mean we will never fail.


22 March 1992: I have had restless, troubled days and nights, but actually, I feel much better than I have in previous weeks. Most of all, I am comforted by your presence – however far away you are. Just remembering that you will always be with me puts everything into perspective. All I need is you, and I have that! I am very thankful and grateful to God that you have come into my life.


28 April 1992:  Remember, you and I will always be together, and I’ll never let you down. I’ll never leave you, either.

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