Thank the Turkeys 2020-1

If you’re in the U.S. and preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving, you’re probably adapting your traditions this pandemic year. And what’s more important than ever? Keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy!

The Greg Fund has sponsored Top Turkey Alternatives For Vegan Thanksgiving, a special episode of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Exam Room program, on how to plan a healthy Thanksgiving for all.

You can also hear this Exam Room special on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher; or watch the YouTube video program.

Greg and I were longtime friends of the Physicians Committee, and this Fund has sponsored its Exam Room podcast and video series for nearly two years. Last month, host Chuck Carroll interviewed me for the episode What Will Your Legacy Be? Here are links to the interview transcript, video, and podcast.

Some questions I answered in that interview were:

  • Who was Greg, and how did you meet?
  • How did you two support animals, and when did you go vegan?
  • Did you have discussions about how to continue support for animals after passing, and how difficult was it to get your plans in order?
  • Why did you decide to support the Physicians Committee and the Exam Room, and what successes have come as a result of your support?
  • What advice do you have for others who want to create a plan but haven’t yet done so?

As I discuss in the interview, Greg and I were inspired to go vegan after a tour of the Northern California farmed animal sanctuary Animal Place 20 years ago. Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary outside Washington D.C. was another source of inspiration. The Fund has helped support both of these sanctuaries, plus Woodstock Farm Sanctuary outside New York City.

From coast to coast, these sanctuaries have an annual tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving with the turkeys — an event that some call “Thank the Turkeys” or “ThanksLiving” — which involves feeding a ceremonial meal to the resident turkeys, followed by a sumptuous vegan meal for human guests.

Although the human feasts were cancelled by the pandemic this year, the sanctuary turkeys still enjoyed their special pumpkin pies — and the sanctuaries shared heart-warming videos on Zoom and Facebook.

Have a healthy Thanksgiving, all!

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