Thanksgiving at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

Meeting animal residents at farm sanctuaries was life-changing for Greg and me, providing the critical impetus for us to become vegetarian and ultimately vegan.


Two sanctuaries in particular played prominent roles in our lives – first Animal Place when we lived in Northern California, and then Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary after we moved to the greater Washington DC area.  Today, I support both of these sanctuaries through the Greg Fund and with my volunteer time.


The 200+ animals of Poplar Spring, where I now volunteer on a weekly basis, have begun to feel like my extended family.


Residents of the DC area – and beyond – have a great opportunity to come to the sanctuary’s annual Thanksgiving with the Turkeys event on Saturday November 18 from 12 to 4 pm – where in addition to the turkeys, you can meet alpacas, chickens, cows, goats, horses, pigs, sheep and other Poplar Spring animals.  Oh, and you can also participate in a humongous vegan potluck!     More info at the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary website and Facebook page.


Many new animals have come to the sanctuary this season, each with a unique story of survival – some so amazing that they made the news!


MasonMason, a Polish crested rooster, rescued by an Appalachian trail hiker who carried him 46 miles through three states. (Photo: Heather Bolt)



Billy Bob, one of eight goats and sheep who were rescued when they were taken on a high speed chase in a trailer by two criminals who were planning to slaughter them. (Photo: Maureen McGowan)




Ellie, a piglet who was found on the DC beltway after apparently falling off a truck.


Matilda Mr TMatilda, a pig who had been given up because the farmer raising her said she was “too clingy,” and her friend T. who was the only pig on his farm who had not attracted a buyer. (Photo: Dar Veverka)



BenjaminBenjamin, a young sheep who was rescued from Hurricane Harvey in Texas. (Photo: Lee Blinder)


PennyPetraPenny and Petra, two baby goats who were intended to be raised for meat – but were then given up by the farmer when they became very sick. Both required life saving blood transfusions, and are slowly gaining health.  (Photo: Maureen McGowan)


DominicDominic, a piglet who was born the runt of the litter on a Maryland pig farm. After his mother rejected him, a kind woman convinced the farmer to let him go, and then rescued and bottle raised him.




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