Labor Day Reminiscences about Greg

I established the Greg Fund and this website to honor and to carry forward the work on behalf of animals that was a primary focus of Greg’s and my personal time together.

In the weeks after Greg’s accidental death last October, I received so many messages telling me how graciously Greg gave his time and energy to help people, “just because”. This quality applied not only to what Greg liked to refer to as “fur people”, “feather people” and “scale people” – it also applied to the “skin people” he so frequently went out of his way to help in his professional life.

“Greg was unique in the finance world,” one colleague wrote, “to be so kind and yet to be ranked in the top of his field. There are not many people who can pull that off.”

And so over the next few days, as we move into this U.S. Labor Day, I am proud and moved to share a series of reminiscences from just a few of the many professional colleagues who Greg helped over the course of his career – Lisa Shin, Jeana Curro, Randy Ahlgren, Adam Rivkin, Jerri Sue Gienger, and Sara Silverman.

Email me at info@gregoryreiterfund.org if you’d like to add your own memory of Greg as a professional colleague and mentor.


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